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We will now have an 1/8 and 1/4 fastest TC list
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I have been doing some more calculating and the conversions just don't seem fair. There is way too much of a discrepency so I will be doing 2 lists. I did two 1/8 mile times that were within 3 hundreths of each other. According to my 1.56 comversion the slower of the 1/8 mile times actually came up 3 tenths faster by the 1.56 factor. The slip that is a full 1/4 time divides to exactly 1.56. So basically the faster 1/8 time came in slower then the car with slower 1/8 time. At least by using my 1.56 conversion. 1.55 and 1.57 are even worse. We will have 2 lists.
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