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Way better than white lithium spray grease.
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I finally found the stuff I've used in the past. It used to be called "Poly Lube" and is a teflon gel that comes in an aerosol can. The dealer I got it from prior paid $19/can, and mine lasted me a long time but I did finally run out, only to find they didn't have it anymore.

It starts out thin as water, looking like WD40, but thickens up to the consistancy of axle grease and is a high pressure, high temperature (-40 to +600F !) lubricant. Takes a bit longer to thicken up than white lithium, but doesn't get that "caked up" appearance over time-- it's clear. It'll soak into anything that's tight, and can even be used to free rusted fasteners.

good 'ol, item 1433K6. $6.70/11 oz can.

Works great on door hinges, hood hinges, latches, TB linkage, etc.
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Hmmm...I will have to give it a try. Thanks.

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white lith grease never impressed me , another lube that works GREAT on hinges and other heavy moving parts it a good spray-on motorcycle chain lube with moly. It is a little messy until it sets up, but it gives ya a little time to wipe up over spray.
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