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wasn't timing
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i had a blown head gasket... the strange thing was it still ran just but just ran like a chrysler(which isn't very good) and didn't smoke or leak fluild the tear was directly between 3 and 4, my cam looks a really rough as well,some of the lobes wore like they didn't get enough oil and some where like new... is there any way to fix this problem? where can i get a good cam and followers thats a little bit better that stock and also where to get a felpro head gasket?

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The cam and cam bearings are the last stop on the lubrication circuit and the front of the cam, (cylinders #1 and #4 ) are the last of the last. Pressurized oil travels up through the block near the oil filter and into the head where the oil pressure sending unit manifold screws into the head. From there it travels down a gally that runs the length of the head, in the very center of the head. See the Allen head pipe plugs in each end of the head. Oil then travels up each of the 4 cam towers to lub the cam bearings. The middle two bearings have hole in them that when the holes line up with the holes on the cam bearings, allow oil to pass through the bearing surface, into another oil galley that runs the length of the cam. This is the oil that comes out of each cam lobe to lubricate it and the follower.

These engines are kind of famous for eating cams. They were even worse in the early years. That's one of the reasons for the popularity of the Ranger Roller even though it has less lift than the stock cam. Regular oil changes ,using good oil and driving it easy until it warms up help prolong cam life.

Any parts store that can get Felpro gaskets can order you a gasket if they don't have it in stock. You can either get the hi $$ 1035 or the more reasonable 8993 which is more than adequate for anything but the biggest mods.

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