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Want to upgrade your suspension? Read this first!
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Without a doubt the best thing you can do is go scavenging posts with the search page.

To understand the very basics of the Fox chassis, go here first:

Then to get more specific with the Fox Thunderbird chassis go here:

And even then, you'll probably be scratching your head...that's okay, suspension is not like buying a big turbo and putting it on the car and going faster. The driver is the most important component of the car's handling, and until you put in some time driving aggressively and pushing the car to the limits, you won't know what needs to be changed. So evaluate the extent of your driving style, your uses, goals, and what you like, then decide how you can make a pile of parts work together as a system to make the car do what you want.

There is a wealth of information about suspension, steering, and brakes available on many Mustang sites as well, as they have such a huge following with many, many drag racers, road racers, autocrossers, and companies that have put in vast amounts of time and money to figure out what works, and it all applies to our cars in much the same way as the Mustang. And most importantly the laws of physics work the same no matter what you drive.

I hope I haven't bored you all to sleep, I don't claim to be any good source of experience, I've only learned a little from reading, and reading, and reading....and talking to Chuck and others Smile .
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That's a good site for the suspension basics John. I'm not sure I've seen that before.
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That first link is one of my favorite suspension sites. I'd like to add a couple links as I try to find a couple different sources on any given topic.

Suspension Design

Pretty cool site with a couple tech articles including SN-95 Brake swap and Coil Spring Explanation

A good thread from the Fox Boards of Spring Combos used. Most of the pics are gone but the info is still there.
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