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Want to get my car running well, a couple questions...
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1.I just replace my timing belt and I want to make sure timing is right, Is the in-line spout connector attached to the distributor wiring harness somewhere?
2.Car barely gets any boost now after replacing timing belt, could it have anything to do with timing being off, or just coincidental? (Car originially was only getting 9-10 pounds of boost, now the guage still goes up to 9-10 but its definitely not getting that much boost! (It sounds like the turbo is still working.)
3.If it weren't due to timing or a leak in the vaccum lines or intercooler hoses, could it possibly be due to a clogged cat, bad egr, desperate need of a tune-up, or somehthing to that effect?
4.After sitting overnight or for a very long period of time, After driving for a minute or two car starts to buck/jump/freeze/lock up when given gas but stops when coasting in nuetral, then after doing this for a couple of minutes stops altogether for rest of day! Could this be caused by a clogged cat, clogged fuel filter, desperate need of a tune-up, or something to that effect?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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1. Yes, look in the wiring harness that connects to the distributor, it hangs down.

2.Are you sure the cam timing is correct. Reset the crank and cam and make sure the mark on the cam pulley points to the center indicator mark. This has to be correct before dealing with ignition timing. If it't correct then check reset the ignition timing. That may cure the performance issue. If not let us know.

3. Any of the things you listed. I would do the tuneup as you need to eliminate that before you can really test other possibilities. But get the cam and ignition timing corrected first.

4. Take care of 1, 2, & 3. If problem still persists, pull the codes. There are a couple articles in the Technical Articles about pulling codes

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cam timing should be right on...The first time, I think it might have been off a tooth, so I took it apart again, and eventually 2 more times trying to get it right! My dad is pretty knowledgeable about cars and was around to help me check it accurately but I would like to check timing now to make sure for certain. All the questions I asked here he already told me pretty much the same answers but I just wanted to make sure. I guess I should just trust his judgement sometimes! Thanks for the help, I'll give it a tune-up and take it from there!

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