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Walbro Fuel Kit No Longer Available?
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The fuel pump on my '87 TC quit and I had ordered the Walbro kit from APE over a month ago. They said the kit was on back-order. After several back and forth inquiries trying to get updates, today they said the kit is no longer available. Specifically:

Quote:Today, Walbro said the kit is being declared "obsolete" due to the issue with the filter supplier they had for this particular kit. Plus, with the excessively low volume for this kit, there was no justification to source the filter from another supplier.

Prior to the T-Bird kit, I thought the Mustang kit was used until the T-Bird kit became available. Am I correct? And that it required a minor re-wire? I'm not quite understanding the issue here because it sounds like the fuel sock is the part unavailable and I thought it was shared.

I tried to do a search but the search engine on this site isn't helping and past links within posts are dead due to the software upgrade.

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I had a stock mustang walaboro fuel pump put in my bird no probs
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Not too familiar with the Mustang tank and assembly but, apparently, the sock filter for the Mustang kit is different and not as deep with the possibility that it may not reach the bottom 1/3 of the tank in the T-Bird.

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Mustang kit is different, I had one from projects past that I used on my 88, the hose was a different shape as well as the filter / sock on the bottom. I had to reuse my original pieces from the 88 and mount on the new Walbro 255. Everything fit, but I was hoping to have new stuff in place.
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