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changed my plug wires today and put in platnium plugs!(plugs were black and one was rusted?!?!?) Now she's running perfect!!!no miss or buck, except for my miss at idle (cam does that) but its all good.
Now my next problem the rod knock and low oil pressure when running hot. I mean like hot hot, at the H. I think she over heated to much when the head gasket blew in march,
any good places to get a lower end bearing kit?????

Thanks Brian

PS: thanks to Pete D and every one else on helping me with this, i think the PIP and TFI helped allot in this today, been allot of dianostics with this car, just gotta work it through!
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Yeah, I think I'm going to change my plugs a wire too...who may be my problem ???

Glad to hear somebody has had a success !
Dan Eaves
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I would get a good kitchen thermometer and acutally measure the coolant temp. I'd also check the oil pressure with an underhood mechanical gauge. you might want to try one of those automotive stethscopes (sp). They are cheap and helpfuul for isolating noises.

Glad to hear that you are making progress.
Stick with it, you will get there.

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