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"Virtual Exhaust System"
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I just ran across a website the other day and found this...

Seems like a pretty cool idea to me. Has anyone ever seen one of these in use before?
Brian Leavitt
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They work fine...loud as H e ll. You can't hear if your detonating(which is a bad thing) and they draw more police attention than a noisy BOV vented to atmosphere. More for the ricer "Look at me, I'm cool" crowd.
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It's just an "automatic" exhaust dump. I'd rather run an electric if I was going to run an exhaust dump. Every time you get into boost your gonna get the noise, whether you want it or not.

You could add a Gillis or other boost controller to the boost reference line to keep it from opening until the level of boost you choose is reached, otherwise with no form of control you're going to have the valve open even under regular driving conditions.

I agree on the "Ricer" factor of this one.

If you want a dump for the track, just get a manual or electric exhaust dump. You control when it is open and when it is closed.
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Ive been looking at that unit for a while but didnt want to spend the money yet. To second what blue oval bird said you can use the gillis, however you can also easily put an air soleniod in the supply line (think gillis selectable boost settings a solenoid like that) and then with a flip of a switch you can turn it off. So you could adjust if it opens and also at what boost, or with just a soleniod either turn it on or off.
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i just have a 2 bolt flange that blocks off my dump. then i unbolt it and add a piece of pipe i made specifically for this dump and it exits behind the front wheel.

i made this and i don't even race the car..... but its nice to put the dump open and just cruise and listen to the IHI spool freely.... and sound like a tractor..... Wink
Brian Larkin
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