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Vinegar flush!
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My radiator is need of a good flushing as it has deposits on the inside channels that restrict it from flowing as well as I think it should. While it doesn't overheat, it does tend to run hot and I'd like to clean out those deposits. I read somewhere you can use white vinegar to do this by emptying the radiaotr, pouring in a gallon of vinegar, then add the remaining with water, run the engine till warm and then let it sit over night. Next day empty and flush it out and refill with coolant/water etc. I can get a gallon or so of vinegar cheap at the dollar store. I am thinking about giving it a shot as I have tried off the shelf flushes and they didn't seem to do so great. This is another item I'd like to get off my "to do list."

Anyone tried this method and if so how did it work?
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i cant say ive ever douche'd my car... let us know how it works out.....
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Never tried it in the radiator but white vinegar can do lots of things. I like vinegar and water to clean glass
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The white vinegar is basically weak acetic acid. It's good for dissolving calcium and calcium salts build up. It can corrode some types of metal, I wouldn't leave it in there too long. I would flush all the antifreeze out with fresh water before putting the vinegar in to avoid some sort of chemical reaction with the antifreeze.

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I don't know how I'd feel about vinegar in the engine and all. Sounds kinda dangerous to me. I agree with lonstar7 on this. Heck if possible and you have the money maybe just get a new radiator? An even better one at that.

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AutoZone has one for standard cooling for $85.99 and one for HD cooling for $159.99. Both say one row, but the standard one says plastic tank. I have the cheaper one and have had it for almost a year. It's been totally fine for my stock Tbird. It's also a lifetime warranty. They are the same part numbers for 86's and 88's. Fit like OEM. Made install a 10 min. job.
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That sound like some old school backyard myth stuff. save up and do it right. Almost sound like putting pepper in the radiator to clog a a leak. I watched my dad do that when I was a kid. Didnt seal the leak, but it sure smelled like good eatingSmile
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If the rad isnt totally bad, there are lots of heavy duty cleaners available specifically designed to help clean out the rad around for a few $$. Many contain muriatic (spelling??) acid, which will work much better than acetic acid (vinigar).
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Radiator corrosion is a hard corrosion that occurs for the same reason the terminals on your battery corrode. The coolant becomes acidic, and the whole system turns into a great big battery. Fortunately, the radiator is the "terminal" that corrodes and not the block.

Nonetheless, I have never found any product that actually removes this corrosion, short of having the radiator "rodded out"; a procedure where they ram metal rods down the tubes.

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Well I put the gallon of vinegar in there with some automatic dish washing detergent (cascade) and the rest with water and ran it till everything opened up was good and circulated. Then I let it sit overnight. Drained it this morning and it looks like it did a pretty good job dissolving those deposits and such. Much much better then it was. After a couple flushes with water and such I put in the coolant and then water and I think I will be good to go. I'll let you guys know if it has improved my engine temp running on the hot side and is running at a cooler temp now. Time will tell!
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