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Venting about a tow job....
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More or less venting a bit.

Noted when we got our '88 that it had an oddly bent sway bar link.  I've replaced several dozen of these over the years.  Never did find one physically 'bent' at a 45deg angle before.

So I get the right one done, and move to the left.

Nothing is lining up right.  The bar is a full 1 1/2 forward from the mounting system.  I glance over thinking "crap...hope it's not another rotted out sway bar mount..."

Nope,  clean as a whistle!.  But the mount itself is physically yanked forward at a nice angle.  And there's a tell tale gouge mark on the bar.  Looks like the tow operator put a hook on the bar and gave it a pull.

Thankfully we have the '87 for a parts car.  While the frame rails are rotted, the sway bar mounts themselves are in good shape-and usable.  I was planning on doing the bushings while it's all apart.  (imagine that?  One of the L bushings is torn up?  Wonder how that happened......)  Sway bar looks like it survived.  (again, we have a spare just in case)....

Just one of those times where I wish people would have taken their time.  All it did was make more work for me.  And I'd love to kick whoever came up with the rear brake hose mount design!  Tiny torx head bolt behind the shock....  First thing it did?  S N A P!   Looks like I'll have to drill/tap for a normal bolt.

Making progress slowly.....


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Too bad. Good to hear you have a parts car to pick from.
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