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I'm assuming VAM is vane air module? (Is there a consolidated list of acronyms?) There is a throttle position voltage adjustment and a VAM voltage adjustment. Both could explain my code 42 and inability to sustain idle. Not clear on where to put volt meter leads on VAM adjustment. Have verified that engine timing is right-on. Have not performed fuel pressure test (can't get to Schrader with pressure gage hand-tightened connector).

Just fishing for comments which might aid in getting TC back in service.

Thanks so much,
Geoff Whitney

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Article on the TPS testing and adjusting in the "Old Tech Articles" link on the right.

Vam is vane air meter. Acronyms :
Pete Dunham


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VAM volts are measured between BK/W (-) and W/BK (+) wires.

NEVER mess with the VAM spring under the black cover on the top unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing. The VAM air bleed should never need adjustment unless you have a new VAM. At 1000 RPM hot idle VAM should be around 1 V.
Jeff Korn

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