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Vacuum/boost leak detector
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Get a good schrader valve (I typically use an old valve from a bike tire). use a hose clamp and some length of vacuum lines and a vacuum 'T'.
Put the schrader valve on one port on the T, and a vac gauge on the other.

now you can test in a couple ways. find a part in the vacuum tree you want to test (like the FPR). now plug the last end of the T into that line, removing it from the vacuum tree. use a compressor or perhaps a bike pump and set it for 20-30psi... you should be able to hear the vac leak, if not try spraying soapy water and look for the bubbles.

the other method is to plug your intake with a pipe plug and to pressurize the entire intake. you can do it before the turbo or at the throttle body to test different parts.

make sure you dont bypass the vac check valves, it could damage some components meant not to see boost.
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I am having trouble visualising your second tip. Where exactly do you put the pipe plug, and what size plug is it? Thanks.

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Here are some pics of a device fabbed by Asimov for pressurizing the intake system [Image: 2fittingsNeeded.JPG] [Image: 3TireValveInstalled.JPG]
[Image: 5ConnectAiPressure.JPG]

I also posted a procedure for looking for finding vacuum leaks here:;t=008503

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Now it makes a whole lot more sense. I was thinking of a plumbing plug, but I couldn't see where to plug it. Thanks Pete, and Asimov, who, by the way, we haven't heard from in a dog's age. I hope he is doing alright.

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just to help out this is what I think he is talking about doing. Seems to be a little cheaper then the setup pete has minus the Gauge.

[Image: pressurizer.JPG]

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we've got a smoke machine at work, thing works wonders. if you could find a way to rig up some way to pump smoke in, it would be awesome

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If you don't have access to compressed air, you guys can use dry ice to pressurize the intake with the same tool that clamps on. Just stick a couple large pieces of dry ice in the intake and seal it off. Use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure. Works best on a "hot" motor since the dry ice will begin to turn into a gas much quicker. Don't use water to speed up the reaction, you can hydrolock your motor.

You will begin detecting your leaks very quickly when the pressure in the intake rises, and most importantly it is QUIET! No noisy air compressor running!

Dry ice can be found at most grocery stores for around $1.99/lb.
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