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vacumm lines crossed
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I have an 88 automatic and I recently had my turbo rebuilt and I installed it myself. A few days ago, I came across the vacumm diagram on the faq page and I realized that I had the vacumm lines going from the boost control solenoid to the compressor inlet and outlet backwards. I've been running the car like this for a few months and haven't noticed any problems. My question is, by having these two lines crossed, will this have caused any damage to the turbo or loss of performance or anything? Thanks for the help!

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How much boost you getting?
Chance are it didn't hurt the turbo.
If your gtting more than 10 psi boost you might eventually hurt the POS trans.
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I see you're in Powder Springs, we should meet up some time [Image: smile.gif] I'll have my 'bird road worthy in a week or two, we can go cruise [Image: smile.gif] Also there's a local shop here in Woodstock with a couple of 2.3T guys, they have a few TCs and SVOs outside of thier shop [Image: smile.gif] If you need your exhaust/alignment/brakes/whatever done and can't do it yourself, take it to G&S off of Hwy 5 near Hwy 92 [Image: smile.gif]

By the way, where'd you get your turbo rebuilt at? I have three that need a rebuild [Image: rolleyes.gif]

Ditto what Pete said on the transmission. My auto tranny gave me no warning whatsoever when it went, and it went at the damn tire shop, sitting on the rack [Image: mad.gif]

Check for vac leaks, and check to be sure the wastegate isn't opening too easily. Also check your exhaust manifold for cracks.

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1988 TC 5 speed, all options including sunroof, SPEC Stage III. Currently installing: Walbro 255 LPH HP, Kirban AFPR, 3" DP to 2.5" duals, bypassed cat, Magnaflow mufflers [Image: smile.gif]

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