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vacum ?
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what is the bottom vacum solinoid for on the rear of the passenger strut tower for. it has a wht/pnk wire that leads to the solinoid and a grn/ltgrn that stops at the plug.the solinoid is grounded to its mounting braket

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I'm not sure on the wire colors, and your picture didnt help much, so be sure to confirm this.

There are two solenoids behind the strut tower. The upper is for the EGR, and the lower is for the overboost buzzer. If you follow the vacuum lines, there is a line from the tree on the firewall to a tee at the solenoids. That tee splits to the two solenoids. The one that has a line comming out of it is the EGR, and the other is the overboost buzzer.

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On an 87 at least, there are two devices on the firewall side of the passenger side strut tower. The top one is the EGR vacuum control solenoid, and the bottom one is the overboost sensor.


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