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V rated tires Why or Why not?
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I've seen many people on here that don't use V rated tires like the car calls for.Is there a reason besides price.I thought anything less than a V wouldn't work well with the suspension on these cars.
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As far as I know (anyone else correct me if I'm wrong), the "V" rating on the original tires was for a Speed Rating of 149mph. On any given tire, if there is a letter preceding the "R" (which stands for Radial), then it is the Speed Rating. H is 130mph, S is 112mph, Z is 149+ (I wonder what the plus is???). There are other ratings, these are just the ones I remember.

I would guess that the higher speed a tire is rated for that the stiffer it would ride. Not sure on that, but it stands to reason: If a tire can take the rotational forces of higher speeds then it will not flex very well (for absorbing road bumps).

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I am not currently running a V rated tire, but I'm also not driving the car in a manner that would require them. Jim is right on about the ride difference; typically the higher speed rated tire has a lower and thereby stiffer sidewall to reduce sidewall flex while under lateral load, this allows higher speed cornering abilities but gives you a rougher ride. Tread compound would also be different, expect it to be softer/more pliable on a higher speed rated tire to allow for better grip on the pavement ..this also shortens the life expectancy of the tire as it will wear quicker.

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The + depends on what kind of Z rated tires you get. ZW are rated to 168 and ZY are rated to 186.Only the a very few carry the Y rating ($$$$$)I run the ZW's myself,because I just drive way to aggressive to trust anything else.I would never give up the the handling and braking traction that they offer.....hmmmmm if I only would have been running my Z's in the winter 2 Januarys ago I would have never met Mr.F.Guardrail.Wow,doesn't seem like that long ago,seems like just a few months ago,huh Pete,Turbocruiser,Blade????Anyhoo,enough of bad memory lane,you can get V rated tires in anysidewall up to a 60 (stock)so you don't HAVE to give up ride if you don't want.Although,V rated tires aren't as common as they used to be,due to the fact that most people and manufacturers are skipping right to the Z's because there really isn't that big of a price difference.I would say if you are driving the daily routine in your T/C with sporadic um.."spirited runs" here and there you would be OK with H rated tires,but absolutely nothing less.Tylerport was also correct in saying that the higher speed rating and better handling also go hand in hand.

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