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Used T C review
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Hi all, thought you might enjoy this review since this guy seems to really like our cars.
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Sorr y about the audio guys...?????     delete it if you like.
Worked good before ?

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(07-20-2020, 02:34 PM)t c mike Wrote: Sorr y about the audio guys...?????     delete it if you like.
Worked good before ?tell
No sound problems here.  Great video, thanks for sharing.  Haven't had mine out in awhile and forgot how much fun they are to drive..  Makes me want to go out and buy a nice one.  Also, tells me to keep the 8 or so and not junk them as planned.  Going to find a place to put them and hang on to em.  Thanks, Mike
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That was great, really enjoyed his enthusiasm.  The velour seats are my favorite part of the car, believe it or not, Smile .

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(07-20-2020, 02:30 PM)t c mike Wrote: Hi all, thought you might enjoy this review since this guy seems to really like our cars.

Thanks for that. It was great to see a reviewer actually speak positively about our cars, not the usual “but the MUSTANG has...” stuff. He covered some points I was not aware of or had not realized, like the aerodynamics of the door frames and the hidden windshield wipers.

I was disappointed he did not mention the Programmed Ride Control at the very beginning, along with all the other tech and performance options. While many of us no longer have PRC, having upgraded to newer shocks without that function, it was still for its time an innovative feature. (He did mention it later on.)

He also got the Auto Dimming feature of the High Beams wrong, saying that it automatically controlled the dimness of the interior lights. (What?) In fact, it switches to low beam when oncoming vehicles approach, switching back afterwards.

And, although he showed (briefly) the Gillis valve, he made no mention of that as a performance modification. Ditto the K&N air filter mod, and something that looked like a clear fuel filter near the front of the engine (?!?).

There was some poor post-production editing, where he was cut off as he was speaking, going into the next shot.

Also, his fixation with that Doug guy—whomever he is—should have stopped after the first few minutes. Were I the one making the video, I would have acknowledged his contributions early on, and then STOPPED. I kept thinking—“Why am I watching this guy, when it sounds like Doug is the better reviewer?”

Stop empowering him! This is YOUR video, we are watching YOU.

It was a bit like taking your car to XYZ Repair Shop, and the guy says, “Here, we align your wheels the old-fashioned way. But Bob over at ABC Repair Shop uses newer computer equipment. And, here we tune your car by listening to how it runs. But Bob over at ABC Repair Shop uses hi-tech diagnostic equipment to take readings of your engine.”

“I think I’ll go see Bob.”

Sorry to nit-pick, but understandably I want the best coverage of our cars. They are excellent enough to deserve that.
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