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Upper intake porting - help a newbie out
r3lic76 Offline
My lower intake is ported but my upper isn't. Does the upper completely get gutted or just enlarged holes?

Also, how much does it cost to have someone do it? Or would anyone have one for sale or for trade for a stock one (i have 2).
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You can do the upper either way. If you have an 87-88 with the IHI turbo and plan to keep it I would just enlarge the current runners a little. If you run a T3 or T3/T4, they can pump enough air to make gutting the upper worthwhile. If you gut the upper then the lower has to be done (knifedged) to keep the flow smooth. Note, I question the value of doing much more than cleaning up the intakes if you don't do some porting in the cylinder head. No, I don't have data to support that, just my opinion. I do porting work. If interested, e-mail me.

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