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Updated Dash gauges....
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(03-27-2020, 12:07 AM)JT Wrote: Did you paint the tops of the speedo and tach needles? When I did this, if I recall correctly, they were transparent with the white on the underside for better illumination. I painted the underside red after scraping the white. That's not the case for the smaller, surrounding gauges.

The picture makes it look like it's painted on both sides but it's actually on the bottom and reflected:
So JT, I tried the lights with the needles painted on the tops and while some light did shine through I didn't think it was bright enough, I went ahead and took them off the gauges and stripped all the red and white paint off with some brake fluid to start over. It looks much better doing it with just the bottom side painted and leaving the rest of the needle clear. Thanks for the idea.
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