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UPDATE 1 down, 1.5 to go :) (Only 1 Piston made it)
FloridaTurbo Offline
OK, I disassembled the short block and it's ready to go to the machine shop. 1 of the 2 "good" looking pistons was missing half the skirt (in the oil pan) but the block and rods look good. Off we go now!

Michael Pinto

1988 TC white/chacoal - auto, g/f's car (actually runs)
1988 TC med red/red leather, 5-Spd, moonroof, all options, 2 melted cast pistons
1987 TC Mach 1 silver/charcoal, auto, chip in #2 piston
1992 Taurus SHO dk green/silver - 5-Spd, feature car, [email protected], squished nose
1988.5 Escort gold/tan - auto, 3-Dr, blown trans

RIP (5 Jan 03) 1988 TC med red/charcoal - 5-Spd, moonroof, wing, McK kit, all options except leather, [email protected]

Maybe I'll just open a junkyard and walk to work...

Pete D Offline
Might want those rods checked for bend and twist. They might be a little bow legged./
Pete Dunham


FloridaTurbo Offline
Would you believe this thing RAN??!!!?! I'm DEFINATELY having the rods (and the crank and the block) checked out. Cross your fingers...

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