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I'm in the process of redoing the rear brakes on my 88 TC. Since this is the first time for me, it has taken forever, but I am almost done.

However, in looking at the various lines that run from the rear (gas tank area) to the front, I see one brake line (metal), two fuel lines (black nylon to metal to black nylon) and one UNKNOWN line which comes from the gas tank area like the fuel line, starts as rubber then metal then rubber or black nylon where all the lines meet to then travel to the front. The two fuel lines (one bigger than the other) are on the driver's side until they all meet while this UNKNOWN line runs along the passenger side.

Would someone please identify this line for me?

Also, although I have the diagrams from Pete, I am still dense enough to need some pictures of the correct way to assemble the parking brake where all the lines meet in the middle of the driver's side. If someone could just take a couple of digital picture, please?

Thanks for helping a still learning person!!!

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Probably the "vent" line that goes to the charcoal canister (plastic) under the VAM/air filter. It stores vapors from the gas tank and they are pulled into and burned by the engine when it runs. There will be 3/4 to 1" diameter line from under the stock air filter housing running down to it
Pete Dunham


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Yup, that is the vent line.
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