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Uh oh! Stranded!
AerobirdMotorsports Offline
Well Layla decided that at 179,030 miles to finally let go of the original clutch master cylinder. I'm stranded until I replace it! Here's to hoping NAPA has one...

How long should I expect this to take?

AerobirdMotorsports Offline
$49 to get one by 9AM tomorrow. Guess I'll have to break out the old 10-speed!

Pete D Offline
Break out that wallet too. Good luck, I hate being stranded.
Pete Dunham


86XR7auto Offline
Hey Mike

It could have been worse. IMHO, any car repair under $100 on a daily driver is cheap.

86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC 1[email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

AerobirdMotorsports Offline
It got worse Sad

Parts jockey lied. Nearest one is in Sacramento! Looks like I'm carless for a few days Sad How do I NOT have one of these spare???

MeAndMyT Offline
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oh boy my tc's gonna be hitting that same mileage probably tommorow
88 TC 5 spd 22x,xxx miles Ran 15.3 in 1/4.. K&N Cone. Gillis boost controller @ 15. Faze Boost Gauge. A/C belt off. 2 1/2 inch exhaust dumped at axles.

GoNYYankees02 Offline
Mke, why can't you drive your GTO or any other car that is lying around? I was under the impression that Layla was toy, not a driver :-P
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How good is your battery, your synchro's and your foot-hand coordination.... ? Wink

I bet you can get that bike down to the 2 minute quarter mile range!
Sold it Sad*

AerobirdMotorsports Offline
The GTO is John's. I can borrow it whenever I want, but he's 250 miles north in Bellingham...

The Nissan truck is my DD but the countershaft decided to explode so it doesn't move anymore. It needs a whole new transmission! I'm trying to find one so I can swap it in.

Layla USED to be the DD so she got pressed into service, hence me not really trying for any real #s at the track. She was doing great for 2-3 weeks but now the clutch master went out Sad

The Sport 5.0 is a parts car and doesn't run.

I have no other cars! Sad The g/f has her Grand Prix and is grading the WASL (Washington's standardized test) until Tuesday night Sad

Battery's great, and I have 5 spare starters, but... the flywheels is missing 1 tooth and the 6-puck clutch does NOT like starter-drag starts in gear. The 179K T5 doesn't appreciate the lack of a clutch disengage either. Sad

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