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This is an example, and your specific application may vary.

1 KAPWR - Keep Alive Power = Constant +12v

2 BOO - Brake On/Off switch = Tell ECM when brakes are applied

3 VSSDIF+ - Vehicle Speed Sensor + = 1/2 of VSS circut

4 IDM - (??? Runs through a 22k resistor, and connects to TFI pin #5 and Ign coil)

6 VSSDIF- - Vehicle Speed Sensor - = 1/2 of VSS circuit

7 ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

10 ACC - A/C Compressor Clutch

16 IGN GND - Supplies IGN GND to TFI (Pin # 6)

17 MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light (Check Engine Light)

20 Case GND - Grounds the sheild around TFI wiring

21 ISC/IAC - Idle (Speed/Air) Contol = PWM output to IAC

22 FP - Fuel Pump Output (+12v?)

23 KS - Knock Sensor

24 OS - Octane Switch (GND for Prem. mode)

25 ACT - Air Charge Temperature = Air temp post Throttle Body

26 VREF - +5v output to sensors (+/- 15%)

27 VAF - Vane Airflow Sensor

29 02S - Oxygen Sensor

30 NDS/NSS - Neutral Drive (Safety) Switch

31 BS - Boost Solenoid (PWM Ouput)

33 ESO - EGR Shut Off Valve

34 DOL - Digital Output Link (Tripminder)

35 ACL - Anyone Can Learn (ACL ???)

36 SPOUT - Spark Output (Timing Advance Control)

37 VPWR - Voltage Power (?) +12v output to control Solenoids and Injectors

40 PGND - Power Ground (-12v)

42 SS - Shift Solenoid (3-4 shift control on A$LD)

43 VAT - Vane Air Temperature (Temp into VAM)

45 BP - Barometric Pressure (BAP input)

46 SIG RTN - Return Path for sensors

47 TP - Throttle Position (sensor input)

48 STI - Self Test input (Gnd to start KOEO/KOER?)

52 HEDF - High Speed Cooling Fan (connects to IRCM and A/C press. switch)

53 CCO - ??? Ouput to conrol converter lock-up on A4LD

54 WAC - WOT A/C Cutout (connects to IRCM)

55 EDF - Cooling Fan (connects to IRCM)

56 PIP - Profile Ignition Pickup (Square Wave output by Dist.)

57 VPWR - Voltage Power (?) +12v output to control Solenoids and Injectors

58 INJA - Injector Bank A (#1 & #2) Driver

59 INJB - Injector Bank B (#3 & #4) Driver

60 PGND - Power Ground (-12v)

If anyone knows answers to the "???", let me know and I will edit...

All of this because I was trying to find the oil pressure sender specs, so I can test before I R&R it.

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Someone beat you to that Rolleyes

When looking it over you will fine its missing 3 wires that are:


pin 56 PIP DK BLU

pin 57 VPWR RED

Theres also a wiring diagram:

The oil pressure sender goes right to the oil pressure gauge, I hope you didn't trace wire to wire doing this :confused:

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No one actually beat me too it... Now when someone searches here, they will find it and not have to wait for someone to post links... On the other hand now they will get both

Are you saying TCs are missing those pins?

As far as the oil press. sender, I want to test mine. Oil pressure via OE gauge is all over the place. I am hoping either the gauge or sender is bad, or I have serious problems...
3rd Annual Philly Tri-State NATO Meet -

'87 - Range Roller 4* adv / 50 trim t04e / Ported E6 / Gutted Knifed intake / Stinger 3->2.5" / Adj. Cam Pulley / Warlboro 255

To Do: PIMP/MS2, FMIC, Bigger Inj

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You are all over it buddy! Keep the good info acoming!
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Some pictures:

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No the pins I posted are for some reasion not on all the 2.3 turbo computers should have pins 56, 57, and 3.

The only problem I find with your post is not all TCs have that pin layout, 83-86 TCs vary from 87-88 TCs and some of the older TCs have the newer computer wired in them having all come down to the computer Sad

If someone could edit or make a new version of the link above with the 3pin outs its missing and post with the year computer the computer names I wouldn't see why we couldn't put it in the FAQ section for refrence Rolleyes

tr_guy79 you bring up a GREAT idea, I wonder what the rest would think :confused:

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Pin #35 is used for the Automatic Adjustable Shock Controller, or the Programmed Ride Control system, so that the PRC knows when to go into FIRM mode, if in the AUTO mode, based on acceleration.

When the PRC is set to AUTO mode, the system will normally be in Soft mode unless any one of a few thresholds (acceleration rate, braking rate, steering rate) are reached to activate the Firm mode.

I also have the 1987-1988 Turbo EEC-IV pinouts on my website:

along with an extensive EEC-IV and ABS troubleshooting section based on specific codes.

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True but for people like myself with the older syle TC pin 35 is EGR shutoff Rolleyes

Also Shane your missing pin 49 being the EGO ground on the turbo elbow Rolleyes

JT you started :confused:

First web site I regestered my TC at Big Grin

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It appeared to me, based on the list provided above, this discussion was a 1987-1988 TC application. Circuit 33 is listed as EGR shutoff (which jives with 1987-1988 TCs), and Converter lockup A4LD controls and ACT circuits are listed in the original poster's list - which was not present on the older TCs.

That is the problem with being general and/or not specific enough. EEC-IV codes, as well as pinouts, can (and are) different between generations of TCs.

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