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type of intercooler
Phillieb Offline
Guys, which type of intercooler would you suggest.I looked at the summit website and it says there are 34 varieties to choose from for these cars.Can you guys suggest one?Thanks for the other info Pete. phillieb
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I haven't really looked at the summit website for intercoolers, but pretty soon i will install a FMIC
When I do, it will be either the Isuzu NPR IC w/stinger install kit or the complete stinger IC kit
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Phillieb, What do you want to do with the car? Is it going to be a street car? Drag Car, Daily Driver, Auto Crosser? You need to determine what you want the car to do - Well and build it for that.
And realize that it won't do other things as well as you might like. Then determine the power levels you need to achieve your goals. Then size a turbo that will get you there. Then select and IC that complements your turbo. Too small and the IC won't cool sufficiently and won't flow enough. Too big and the IC and piping will just induce more lag in the system. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a turbo to spool up because it is too big for the intended purpose.
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