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Two parts cars and alot of parts good deal?
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As some of you may have read my wife hit my bird which made me look for parts. I have found two 87-88 parts cars with quite a bit of extras for all years to include an extra complete pre 87 motor, at least 1 T-5, a couple gage clusters, complete interior, extra t-3. All the parts and cars have been sitting for about 20 years but seem to be in not to bad shape. He wanted 600 for a few parts I asked him about but $1300 for ALL of it.

Good deal?

Obviously this board would benefit since I would only be looking to come out even and not make money. I really just want my car fixed.
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[Image: IMG_0856_zpsa6e2626c.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0853_zps82845016.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0858_zpsc3c35630.jpg]
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cant ever have too many parts!
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Not a bad deal, considering. If the TC header panel you need is still intact and decent, then I'd go for it. You'll get what you need, and it's impossible to have too many parts. You could also help some other people out in the process, with those parts. Might have a hard time breaking even after paying so much overall though, as only the TC specific parts are really worth anything. The other parts which can be easily found on the common Bird's won't have much demand or value in the current market.
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these cars are getting really tough to come by since cash for clunkers. if it is 2 cars and the parts, i'd go for it.
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I say snatch 'em up! If you have the room, you must fill it with parts... it's the manly thing to do! Just ask Birdjunkie... he's seen my barn rafters!
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Get em! You're not to far north from me and I definitely need that cowl hood for my 84. Id like that leather interior too!!

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