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Turbo turn down
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Is it possible to disable my turbo or turn it down ?? My son is starting to drive, and HE does not need to be using the turbo. What would be the ramifications with this.?? Damage to engine?? To turbo ?? Tks... T.

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you could remove the arm from the wastegate that attchs to the diaphragm so the waste gate stays wide open, it won't make any boost but the car will be a dog without boost and could be dangerous for a new driver. you can't turn down the boost any lower than 10 psi though if you leave the wastegate alone. there won't be any ramifications to turbo or engine leaving the waste gate open, it will just be really slow.
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Yeah it will be slower than a 2.3 mustang or ranger.

At 10 psi it will probably be more like a regular family car. Especially if its an 87-88 tank.
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Jeff K Offline
You cant really "turn down" the boost to under the waste gate activator setting without an adjustable arm, which would only allow a limited max boost reduction.

As noted above, at the stock WGA setting of 9.5 psi, the car wont be super fast anyway. You could always turn the base timing down to 4 deg or so BTDC (stock is 10 deg) which would help kill performance.
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