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Turbo to Exhanust Manifold Studs &/or Nuts
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More than one of us has had problems finding new turbo to exhaust manifold studs and nuts that work and don't come loose. This thread is for all to post what they have found for substitutes that work. Please, don't post anything that has less than 20K miles or 2 years in service.

The following was provided by FordTech:

"Standard hardware or even grade 8 will not withstand the high temps generated by our turbo's. I have been using late model cat. conv. hardware designed for that high temperatures. The last package I ordered were a Ford hardware pt# W520103-S403. They come in a package of 4, they are copper/cad plated lock nuts with built in heavy shouldered washer. They have a 15mm hex head. The plus side is I've never had one backoff. The down side is being a lock nut they have to be put on all the way with a wrench or socket. I strongly suggest using in complete sets of 4 to get equall clamping load on the gasket.
Hope this helps, Rick B."

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cummins makes 10 mm studs and nuts for turbo applications that have worked well for me for the last two years and have not worked loose.

part #'s

turbo stud 3818823

turbo nut 3818824

they both come in a package of four with costs around 15 dollars altogether.

added; go to and search for a distributor or retailer in your area.

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Just to update this listing...

I just bought a set of the nuts and studs from Cummins and it was $27.70 altogether in Virginia. Still well worth it.
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good price considering Chrysler wanted 12$ *each* for the studs, back when they were available ...
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