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Can anyone tell me what the turbo does when it goes out? Where is it located on a 1986 turbocoupe? I need some answers! Thank you.


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The turbo is located on the pass. side of the engine. It is attached to the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe, and also to the air inlet pipe that runs over the top of the engine, and to the air cleaner assembly.

If the turbo dies, you will never see boost on the boost gauge, and the car will accelerate about as well as a fully loaded dump truck. Often, the bad turbo will leak lots of oil into the intake and / or exhaust, resulting in lots of smoke coming out the exhaust. If you have no boost, first thing to check is the rubber hose in the intake pipe that runs over the top of the engine to be sure the clamps are tight, and it hasnt split. The waste gate could also be stuck open.

Give us more details on exactly what is wrong with the car so we can be more specific on what to check.

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