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turbo question
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I have a question about my turbo i am getting no boost but the boost gauge somtimes move to one or two lbs and when i cut off my car the gauge moves from just before zero to slightly past. does this turbo need rebuilt or replaced

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Does the car feel like it is making any power?
Also if it is not do you hear any noises?
If you hear any "air" noises check the hoses under the intercooler and also where the intercooler and the throttle body meets.

Something else would be to take the front elbow off of the turbo the part that the vam hose hooks to and you will see thecompressor wheel of the turbo. See if it spins freely and if it has any wobble to it.
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The turbo dosent whistle, and the car is very underpowered 0-60 around 25-30 seconds

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Also check your catalytic converter. If it's plugged up you won't have any power and the turbo will not wind up. But the car will still run and drive. I had this happen to an 85 TC I had.
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This sounds quite similar to the problem I was having a few weeks ago when the actuator arm on my wastgate rotted off. I'd pull about 2 lbs of boost max and that was all I could get. Check under the turbo to see if the rod on your wastegate actuator is still connected to the wastegate. It's a bitch when you lose boost; they're heavy cars for that 2.3 to pull around without boost.

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