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Turbo Past 15 PSI and runs like crap
Ok this is what happend i always run my car in with the prem fuel on 3 days ago i just turned it back to reg just for the hell of it and drove it a while. then i raced a seabring and turned the light back on only i noticed like something fight me like after 3000 or 4000 rpms every gear. so i figured ill go and get a fuel filter. that didnt work then my car got real crazy it was on a high idle and the engine light was on so i open the hood my vacum hose come off put it back on but my car acted the same (not the idle part but the slowdown at high rpms) so i was going home and i decided to test the bad boy. only i noticed my psi does not stop at the usuall 15 it goes to 16 or 17 and thats when the cars acts all wierd. like its slowing down it actually jumps back and forth for 15 to 17 when im getting on it. im scard my car is dead im sure turbo is expensive. i dont want to junk it and i dont want to get ripped off can someone help me oh i think if vacum hose come off because too much presure from the turbo. and i never used the switch but when i did thats when it went crazy. I NEED HELP IM POOR THATS MY ONLY CAR PLEASE HELP ME thanks

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The turbo is fine if it's making 15-17 psi.
Tell us what vacuum hose came off? If that hose came off then youneed to know why it came off? Is it dry or rotten, loose? You may have to replace it, but tell us which one it is. You also need to check the big hoses on each side of the intercooler to make sure thay are not cracked, that the intercooler is seated in them properly and that the clamps are positioned properly and tightened.

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