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How can I tell what model turbo is installed on my 88TC - is there a tag or a casting number to identify between a IHI or T3? I know the IHI is stock on the 88's but the guy I bought the car from did some mods to the car while he had it and he also had an SVO Mustang that he converted to a 5.0L, so the SVO T3 must have went somewhere (hope, hope). Thanks!


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On an IHI the two coolant lines enter and exit on the same (engine side) of the turbo.

On a water cooled T3 the coolant supply enters on the engine side and exits on the passenger fender side,

The T3 might have " AR 60" cast into the scroll of the compressor housing, facing the front of the car.

On the T3 the wastegate pivot arm (what the long rod attaches to on the back of the turbo)is mounted in the elbow that turns down. In an IHI that pivot arm is in the turbine housing, not the elbow that bolts to the turbine housing
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