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Turbo Coupe badges on the doors falling off
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Does anybody have any suggestions for reattaching the the Turbo Coupe badges that fit into the moulding on the doors? It looks like it was some sort of glue that was used from the factory.
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I think most people use a 3m double sided tape.

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(04-10-2019, 06:02 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: I think most people use a 3m double sided tape.

That is what I used.  I cleaned the surface with Prepsol and let it dry before putting the badges back on with the 3M double sided tape.  A year so far and no problems.
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I used the double sided tape but the badge sat deeper into the moulding and looks a bit off....
However Only a TC owner will ever notice.
Need a thicker tape to get a more flush appearance
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I used blue silicone and it sits deep and looks factory. Its been a yr and still holding.
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I dumped the OEM inserts all together and bought 1.5"  to 2" or so tall chrome self stick TURBO COUPE letters (enough for both sides) for around $1 a piece from some online vendor. Made  plexiglass inserts (1/10" plexi if I remember correctly) that fit the openings and painted them semi gloss black. Mounted the letters to the plexi, and glued the new inserts in with RTV Ultra Black. Looks AMAZING, and still looks as good today as it did when I made the inserts with the chrome letters 10+ years ago.

A guy (I forget his name) who comes to Carlisle 3D printed an insert that says THUNDERBIRD SVT. It looks seriously cool!!

In other words, lots of interesting one off options out there.
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