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Turbo Coolant Line Replacement
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After overheating and changing out the thermostat I was still loosing coolant. I pressurized the system to 16 psi to look for leaks. I could hear a leak and used soapy water to confirm the location. The top of the non filler side of the radiator appears to have a pin hole in it. It was losing about 1/2 PSI in two minutes. When I fired it back up the return coolant line on the turbo was also leaking. I am not sure if my pressure test caused this or maybe increased the leakage rate. I ended up using a 20" long 5/16" brake line which was exactly the right length for replacing the supply and return lines. I also used rubber trans cooling hose to connect to the feeder rail and block. So far this is working. My main concern is the rubber hose. The hose I replaced was orange, two layers, highly fibrous, and I am guessing very high temp. Does anyone know where to find this?
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Here is an old thread about those hoses.

I have been going to the local Freightliner dealership (any place dealing with heavy/semi trucks should have these) and picking up some really nice silicone hose of the appropriate size. The hose is blue on the outside with an orange inner layer.

I have been running this hose on two of my TCs for well over a year with absolutely no problems. I would go out and get some part #'s and a picture for you, but we just got 8 inches of snow and I ain't going out there for nothing!! lol
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That little 3" orange hose was about $15 from Ford way back when I posted what is linked above. I doubt you can even get it from Ford anymore.
Like T-BirdX3 says use "hi temp, silicon hose"
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