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(I swear I just posted this thread a little bit ago, but its nowhere to be found. I must have closed the tab before I posted it...)

Anyway, just a quick question. Do NAPA/Belden/Echlin parts work good with our cars? Reason I ask is Motorcraft is kinda hard to find around here, and NAPA is everywhere of course. The TC is long overdue for a tuneup (Its had an autozone tuneup on it since I got the car.) and Ill be able to do it finally within a week.

I think Murrays might have Motorcraft parts but they are kind of out of the way. Theres like four Napa stores within 15 mile of me and the nearest Murrays is 20+ miles. What other stores sell Motorcraft? Advance is even further away, and they want like $30 for a wire set.

How much do the dealerships want for the tuneup parts?
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Go to the vendors section.Both Forced4 Motorsports and Rock Auto sell 2.3T Motorcraft tune-up kits.
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I been using NAPA/Echlin caps and rotors for years in all my 2.3Ts
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Napa/Echlin everything but wires on my car for a few years now without problems. I keep a motorcraft tfi/pip distributor in the trunk just in case but so far haven't needed it.
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you can git away with just about anything EXCEPT plug wires. even some $80 custom racing wire sets are crap on these cars. YOU MUST USE MOTORCRAFT WIRES! most anything else will work.

motorcraft stuff WILL last longer though. its worth the time/money/drive IMO to make the car run better, get better mileage, be faster, and be more reliable.

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Quote:Originally posted by jmthunderbirdturbo:
While I understand the sentiment (it's easier to state an absolute), this is not quite true. The main problem with other brands is that many cause heavy EMI (electromagnetic interference) that affects the ECM by getting into the PIP and other inputs.

Any high quality EMI REDUCING wire should work; the operative word being should. Personally I've used Motorcraft and more recently, Magnecor wires, which I love. They are extremely high quality and have lasted four+ years now and they are still just like new.

Take a look on their website and you'll learn a lot about plug wires you never knew. Enjoy!
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Ditto on the Magnecor's. That's the only non Napa or Ford part under my hood. WELL worth the money.

But for a decent price then it's Motorcraft all the way. You are online, find them online at or Your car can live another 9 days for shipping.

And I don't agree with getting away with about most anything. I've had chain parts store TFI's, ECT's and more that were outside of spec brand new; or were the cause of a few problems. A $5 air charge temp sender caused some hot weather pinging issues that went away when replaced with a significantly more expensive Napa Echlin part. So that sold me. This car likes quality parts and when I stopped cheaping out nickel and dime-ing on parts it ran much better.

That's just my experience and opinion. Don't change whatever works for you. Wink
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When I first got my XR7 in 2003. I wanted to give the car a complete tuneup. I did not use motorcraft anything. I ordered at set of SVO magnacores( I had just sold my GN which swears by them)Autozone cap and rotor, I did get autolite plugs. The car ran good for just a couple of hundred miles, started missing, stalling, boost hickup.

I did some searching...only motorcraft wires and other parts. I bought new motorcraft stuff. Been good ever sense. I did have a TFI/PIP problem last year. The car would blow the spark out over 25psi....I guess 20 year old TFI/PIP are not as good when the car was new.....who would have thought.

Good luck on your car.

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I've also used NAPA/Echlin TIFs and PIPs w/ no problem. The only part that I think I had a problem with was an ECT and I never verified that as I didn't have the knowledge at the time. I just use Ford for ECTs. I do want to try a set of the Magnacore wire, probably as I refurbish the project car.
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Quote:Originally posted by Pete D:
I've also used NAPA/Echlin TIFs and PIPs w/ no problem. The only part that I think I had a problem with was an ECT and I never verified that as I didn't have the knowledge at the time. I just use Ford for ECTs.
If you look at the Echlin parts from Napa especialy the knock sensor and ECT you will see where the Ford logo is ground off. FYI (OH is a 3 day point DHL from Forced4)
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