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Trying to hunt down an iac for 88 tbird
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(06-04-2019, 04:15 PM)Jeff K Wrote: Sounds to me like you hace a vacuum leak, not an IAC issue. The fact that the engine speed dropped / engine stalled when you unplugged the IAC connector proves that the IAC is not the issue.

Have you run the complete PCM self tests (KOEO, CM, and KOER)?  Run the tests even if the CEL isnt on.

Are you sure the CEL even works? CEL should illuminate with the key in RUN, and remain illuminated until the engine is started.

Ive tried to run the self tests but couldnt find here on the site how to go through them all when i sreached it. And the check engine light works everytime key is on so atleast the light part works lol. And ive blown smoke into the vacum lines trying to find leaks and also have sprayed it down with ether on dam everything on the car and cant seem to find a vac leak. The first time i unplugged the iac before redoing the tps the car would not die when the iac was unplugged this only happend after resetting the tps
88 T-bird stinger fmic/cold air intake/t3t4/stinger oil feed line/3 inch full exhaust to dauls/super coupe throttle body

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