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Trunk lid
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I'm having trouble keeping my trunk lid open when I'm taking or putting stuff into it. Is there anything to adjust?

My haynes manual only talks about removing it and adjusting the fit for the body. Thanks for the help.

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There are torsion rods that can be adjusted for more tension to keep it open. Search the past posts for info on the specific adjustment

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Be careful when you adjust the torsion rods, they're easy to pop loose, and they exert a LOT of tension. I sprung one while trying to adjust the trunk lid on my 93 Cougar, my dad and I couldn't get it back in. Finally had to take it to the Ford body shop, they had some kind of giant tool made to get the spring back in but it still look like 15 minutes.
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Some of the guys here who've added a spoiler have also added another torsion bar. Can't imagine how they got it in there, though.

Anyway, I've had one break and another time one come loose; both times I was able to do it by myself. Just crawl in the trunk, mount the smaller end first and install the larger end last. You have to twist the hell out of it to get it in but it can be done by hand. It might take a couple of times to get used to applying that much twist so go slow and careful. Repeat - CAREFUL. There's a lot of tension there.

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Make sure that both of the tension bars are in place.

To make it stay up though, make the bars tighter by changing the holes that they go in. I did this a while back with the help of a trusty pipe wrench [Image: biggrin.gif]

And as stated earlier...BE CAREFUL!!!! The bars hurt if they release their tensin on YOU!!
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