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Troubleshooting the VAM...
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Ok, car was throwing a VAM code and before I could do much, it left me stranded on the highway in 0 degree weather for 2 hours. Anyway, it was the timing belt that killed it. That's fixed and the car still bucks.

Only codes left are the VAM and PIP. Hoping the VAM clears it, but if not, time to spend more $.

Anyway, is there any way to clean the VAM?
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I had a VAM (large) die on me, recently. Turned out that it was a broke part inside. If you remove the VAM from the car, you will see a few screws holding the connector to the base, and the plastic cover on the top. Carefully remove the plastic cover, (don't remove the connector, yet,) and the innards will be visible. When mine broke, a piece of the contact from the moving arm to the connector had broke off, and was sliding around the circiut board. The good news for me was that I had a spare small VAM, and the moving arm is interchangeable between the two.

Don't know if this helps, but I hope it does.

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Disconnect air inlet system so you can manually push open the flapper door in the VAM. Backprobe VAM connector with DMM between BK/W (SIG RETURN) and W/BK (VAM OUTPUT). TUrn key to run. With door closed, should get about .3 to .4 V. Slowly puch the door open. Voltage should smoothly climb to 4.5 to 4.8V. Any sudden jumps / dropouts, replace VAM. If this test passes, start car. At 1000 RPM hot idle, voltage should be steady and close to 1.0 to 1.1 V. When reving motor, VAM voltage should rise with RPM.

What PIP code are you getting continuous memory code 14? If so, the most common cause of this is not a bad PIP, but bad plug wires, cap, rotor. Do you have Motorcraft plugs and wires?

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