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Hello this is going to be my first post on this website and I am new to forums all together.
So I bought my first turbo car and it is of course.. the Thunderbird. I've done just a few upgrades to this wonderful car so far, from full 3'' Stinger exhaust to dual 2.5 SS tailpipes and Magnaflow mufflers. She sounds amazing. I decided to put on a Spec stage 1 clutch. The only problem was that the throw out bearing that Spec makes is steel but some how blended with plastic as to try and manage, what is now my problem, friction against a lesser metal.. aluminum. Apparently the throw out bearing retainer is made of that and the Spec throw out bearing chewed up the retainer. So I bought a Ford made steel bearing retainer (M-7050-A)and it doesn't fit! I'm hoping someone has some light to shed on this problem because I'm having problems finding anything that is both steel and would fit. Anything for the 5L mustang wont fit and my options are to buy from junkyard, that is if I can find anything, or have the current retainer bored out (but that makes me wonder if it would fit right still..)
Please any info would be greatly appreciated.

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