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Trailer Hitch
Sean Offline
Does anybody have a trailer hitch on their Turbo Coupe? Or have experience with UHaul hitches?

I have an 8x4 Harbor Freight trailer for general utility purposes, so nothing big whatsoever, but I'd like to be able to pull it with the TurboChicken rather than my 8mpg Bronco, especially if I take longer road trips and need to pick up, drop off or generally move anything.

I know the car isn't rated to tow, but I think a lot of that comes down to Ford Warranty concerns relating to clutch life or the already strained automatic, depending on transmission choice. I'm adding a few aftermarket temperature sensors for coolant and oil eventually, and I'll not be pushing the car to its limits (any more than I already do) so I don't see any other's just impossible to find a hitch that fits these cars.
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Not only is the car not rated to tow, but Ford specifically recommended that it NOT be used for towing anything. With that said, I've also never seen a TC with a trailer hitch on it, which of course doesn't mean no one has ever done it. Personally, I sure wouldn't.

Just my 2¢ worth.
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My first 88 TC had a hitch on it when I bought it, was a uhaul hitch. I never used it myself though.
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towing will put the car in boost most of the time on the highway.
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I've used U-Haul hitches but not on a TC. I've towed with a Mustang 2.3T in a very foolish manner and got cracked valve /locked engine for my foolishness. The issue goes deeper than just clutch/transmission concerns. It also affect turbo usage time and temperatures. My personal opinions these engines were not designed for full time or near full time turbo use.
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