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I was offered an 88 Tbird 5.0 Sport Coupe, in good shape, plus a 350 Chevy with a TH350 trans for my TC... any thoughts?
1988 Turbo Coupe - A237 cam, K&N Cone, T3(.60-.63), 255 Walbro, Gillis BV, gutted and knifed intakes, ported e6, 3" elbow/dp to dual 2.5s, Kirban and spearco fmic.

Up next, ported head, t3/t4 upgrade.

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How much do you love your TC? If it were me.. I'd turn it down.. All depends on the condition of you TC.. Also looks like you've got some work into also.. with mods and all.. just my 2 cents
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Sport coupe has a whopping 155 HP with cast pistons, and power sucking and not that strong when stock AOD tranny. Possible to put in a 5 speed, and bring the motor up to 5.0 HO+ specs with a head, cam, intake, injector, computer swap, shorty headers, etc. The stock 2.73 rear sucks big time, and should really be replaced with at least a 3.27 or 3.55. Brakes arent real good compared to a TC, but can be upgraded, of course. If driven hard, it will suck HEGE amounts of gas.
Jeff Korn

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Plus you'd be stuck with a 350 Chevy. You'd have to wait until summer and the lakes thaw out to use that. It's too cold to use it as an anchor now.
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No way!Keep the tc you will regret it.These things are getting way to hard to find.5.slow tbirds are nothing special and a small block chevy/trans make good boat anchorsSmile
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Dont do it, sounds like the worst deal ever. Keep the TC, you'll miss it.
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Trust me you will regret it ,Take it from experience.I sold mine and got good money out of it ,wish i would have kept it..what a a#$ I AM
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Ok let me ask you all this... If you could dump the same amount of cash into a 5.0 as a 2.3, wouldit make a difference? Performance wise or others?
1988 Turbo Coupe - A237 cam, K&N Cone, T3(.60-.63), 255 Walbro, Gillis BV, gutted and knifed intakes, ported e6, 3" elbow/dp to dual 2.5s, Kirban and spearco fmic.

Up next, ported head, t3/t4 upgrade.

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What can you get for about $100. In the TC you could get 20-30 HP. What can you get out of the 5.0 for that. And the TC is still going to go as faster or faster than the 5.0, brake better, corner better, look better and still get 25+ mpg
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As JeffK stated, the non HO 5.0 are really not performance oriented. I personally think you are better off keeping your TC, performance and definately looks wise. But, in the end, it is whatever you want.

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