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TPS Fixed?
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Well after trying 8 different TPS's I snagged from the junkyard, I finally found one that seems to be working half decently. I believe it was from a 87 or 88 N/A stang. I put it in yesterday and set the idle with the engine cold and drove home fine with no codes and again to work this morning with no codes and no sputtering and a fairly steady idle. AT lunch I made a TPS test harness with some old connectors/sensors I snagged from the JY then soldered some alligator clips to the wires. I warmed up the engine and reset the base idle. TPS reads 0.966-0.970v with IAC unplugged and KOEO. The only problem I forsee is if I pull the throttle linkage all the way to end of travel I get a reading of 5.21v which I know is this going to cause trouble when I'm at WOT? or will the conputer compensate and just assume its at the high end of travel? The replacement part from ford has a part number of CX 1135 and costs a whopping $66.43CAD (although I could get a discount if I goto a different dealer). Think I should stick it out with this one or drop the moola for a new one.

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The voltage to the TPS is fed from the EEC. It should only be 5 volts. I think the voltage regulator in your EEC has taken a dump.

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Constant voltage is 5.0v steady (orange to black wire), doesnt change. I was referred to signal line voltage (green to black) when I say 5.21v. The old TPS read a max of about 4.8v or so at the end end of throttle linkage play.

Now that I'm thinking about this...isnt there a screw which adjusts how far the throttle linkage can move? Maybe screw that in a bit and see if the throttle body door can still open fully and see if my TPS voltage drops?

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If VREF, the 5.0 V reference voltage is 5.0 V, then TPS output voltage HAS to be under this value unless there is a partial short to 12V in the TPS output circuit. The TPS acts like a voltage divider.... output voltage can not be higher than input voltage.

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