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Torque boxes
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The Laurel Mountain (Ebay) torque box reinforcements/battle boxes for Mustangs do not fit on 88 Tbirds.
One of the holes was supposed to line up to get you started, it didn't. The fit inside the box was a little off so I forced it in to sit snug against the floor board. The interior floor is shaped differently from the mustang and so was the plate. It had to be shaped with a hammer to conform.
The LCA mounting point is also in a different position on Mustangs. I drilled new holes in the box to utilize the position on the reinforcement. The hole is about 1-5/8" higher than stock position. I can see this will raise the rear of the Bird as well as make a big change in the geometry, like the SSM lowers. I'll work that part out later.

The angle cut pipe washers were too long and at the wrong angle, plus the bolts fit inside the pipe. The kit did not include the needed 1/2" washers.

I decided not to weld them in so they could be removed if I ever needed to. It took alot longer than it should have, about 8 hrs, to get just one side done. With all the interuptions and decisions to get it to fit right that isn't too bad for working alone. The other side should go in alot easier.
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That's good info to know.
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