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Top Speed which one?
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ARRMA Limitless vs Turbo Coupe

MPH Guess ?
1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 5 speed Boosting 25 PSI with Boport/Stinger parts !
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I think the local speed record with a Limitless is 168mph.

I've never had a TC over 130.
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I think I am going to pick the one with 30 years more technology just don't hit a pebble.
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Max speed in a TC for me has been 148. Speed limiter keeps shutting you down around 145 but if you ease of the throttle and press it down slowly you can get a little more speed.
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I was in fourth gear and just past 6200 rpm with one inch taller rear tires than OEM when I blew a freeze plug, was aiming for 6500 plus seeing if the engine could do it. Don't know how fast it was but thinking 130 range ?

Right now the Limitless will do 100 mph, so a bigger battery, motor, ESC and gearing is needed to reach 150 mph but weird things happen at that speed. So that's my after Xmas gift for me next, plus I need to get another GPS cause that broke when I hit the curb last weekend.

3500 lbs. Turbo Coupe - 1
12 lbs. Limitless - 0

If only Stinger could Pimp my Limitless LOL
1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 5 speed Boosting 25 PSI with Boport/Stinger parts !

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