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To SPOIL or not?
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Just wanting a little feedback on whether or not to hunt down a rear spoiler for the "new" trunk lid, that showed up from Phoenix AZ. Complete rust free, dent free, ect...

My 86 didn't come with one but I have always liked the way that they look on the Aero birds.

Any opinions welcome.

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Personally, I like the spoiler look.... that is why I have s spoiler on my 88 TC, 86 Tbird 5.0, and my 05 Taurus (factory spoiler with the LED third brake light).
Jeff Korn

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i like the spoiler too, havent installed mine yet but i found this 08 mustang spoiler for around 30 bux on ebay..
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Personally, I'm anti-spoiler on these cars. I really think that the clean profile lines of the car get broken up with a spoiler added to the back.

I just finally found a solid rust free decklid that I had painted to replace the original decklid on my '85 that came with a spoiler.

Solid rust free decklids for '83-'86 birds are getting quite hard to find. It hurts me to think of another good one getting drilled out there to facilitate mounting a spoiler. Just my opinion.
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