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timing so bad it wont
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the timing belt was the problem i had started out with. the teeth were gone at the crank so i replaced the belt. the crank is at tdc position the dist rotor is at number 1 position and the cam is at the correct mark. put everything back together and the car will not start. I dont know what to do. I dont understand the timing stuff. i assumed that if everything was lined up right is should run, even if it ran rough, that would give me a place to start with adjusting the timing. any ideas. I need the car running by tonight. please help.

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It sounds like you got it in the ball park if nothing moved on you. My suggestion would be to get a timing light on it. My light will flash even if the engine is just being cranked, not running. This allows me to see how far I'm off and move the distributor in the right direction. Don't forget to take the sprout out for timing. If you don't have/can't get a light at the moment, my GUESS would be move the distributor a little at a time counterclockwise. Free up your phone line and I'll call you.

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