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Timing belt / tensioner problem
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Ok I finally got everything back together after doing my head swap and I got the cars started. Then I heard this weird noise like something rubbing. I looked at the belt and the outside edge was starting to fray because it was sitting too far forward on the crank pully and the lip of the crank pulley was chewing it up. I used a screw round screw driver to push it back while it was running but as soon as I would let go it would start coming forward again. How do I stop that? Also the belt tensioner blew up the part that spins nearly flew off. As I said in a previous post I could not get the spring back on the tensioner so I used a pry bar to pry it into the belt and then tightened it down. Any suggestions?
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Are you talking the cam belt or the accessory belt getting chewed up?

First of all, get the spring back on the tensioner.Take the bolt that the spring goes on completely out. Put the spring on it with one end pointed down. Put that end on the inside of the short metal holding pin. Start threading the spring bolt back in the hole. Turn it in several threads to where the other end of the spring is approaching the long retaining pin on the left. Use a screw driver to get the remaining end of the spring under the long retaining pin and finish screwing in the spring bolt. Now put tension on the belt and make sure it doesn't get out of time doing it. Turn the engine over by hand a couple times then line up the crank to TD and make sure the cam pulley is still aligned to it's mark.

Now which belt is getting chewed up? If it's the cam belt, did you put the belt guide back on the crank, between the cam belt drive gear and the accessory drive pulley?

If it's the accessory drive belt, see the next paragraph up.
Then let the tensioner tension the belt.

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It's the cam belt and yes I did put the belt guide back on. I'll get a new tensioner and try it again. Thanks.
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I just went through this last week..It was the tensioner.I replaced it with a aftermarket junk just last year so I would not have any problems.guess what!!!I ended up replaceing it with a real ford one and the belt rides right where it was intended.Damn aftermarket POS.

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