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Timing Belt Tension
88turbo_noob Offline
I'm replacing my timing belt which snapped yesterday. Happened in a pretty good location and on my day off so I can fix it.. no complaints.

I've got the new one on and I think I've got all the pullys clocked properly but I'm not sure on the tension. The spring loaded tensioner is slide as far over as it can be and still the belt doesn't feel that tight. Is this normal? Or do I have the wrong sized belt?

Also is there anything I should check while I'm doing this while I've got the cover off etc.

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Pete D Offline
The tensioner should put the right tension on it but it is recommended that it be replaced too.
You don't want too much tension as it will cause premature wear of crank, cam and aux shaft bearings.

After releasing tensioner, recheck all alignments as something usually moves (cam or crank). Rotate engine over a couple revolutions and recheck alignment. If something is out, do it again.

The trick is to see what moved and how much and then set that component that much in the opposite direction so that when the tensioner is released it pulls the parts into the correct alignment.
Pete Dunham


88turbo_noob Offline
Thanks Pete. Everythings back together and running fine now. I just had to loosen the bolt holding the spring down a little more and tap it to get it in the right position. I was surprised it's actually a pretty easy fix when all is said and done.
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Well I seldom read the manuals and have my own way of doing about everything...

I've repl one tensioner at 150K mi as a preteventive maintenance and orig was fine, gave it to a friend a couple months ago that had one fail at inopportune time...

For tensioning the belt, I usually run em a day or two and let the tensioner pull any slack out of the belt again... Never had a premature belt or aux shaft, etc fail..
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