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tilt arm fix if the tilt arm is broken.
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Guys, I have been avoiding fixing my tiltarm because I assumed that it is all part of one piece. I even paid some guy to remove the entire tilt mechanism because I thought it was a lot of work. Well today while playing in the junk yard, I found that its just a screw in arm! I grabbed it with a pair of vice grips and just turned it out counter clockwise! Next time I will grab it with a vice grip with rag wrapped around the arm so that I dont damage it. Also grab it closer to the steering column so you dont break it because by grabbing it closer to the steering column, are grabbing the metal part of the arm, and not the plastic part that notoriously breaks.
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My tilt arm was also broken by the PO ( along with everything else he could break). I had a gt vert going to the crusher and took its tilt arm for my tbird's. Mustang arm is longer than the third's, but still works fine.
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