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Ticking noise
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Last week while I was driving I ran out of gas(guage broke) but I didnt know that was the problem at the time and continued to drive home until it just quit. Now when I drive I hear like a ticking sound(sounds like when the wheel is spinning in Wheel of Forune) but it is only during acceleration, it sounds fine during idle. It seems to of lost some power but not much at all. Did I completly damage the motor buy running out of gas? I put some STP fuel cleaner in but it didnt really help.
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Just guessing but have you checked your oil level lately? Get close to the injectors and see what you can hear coming from them. If you haven't changed the fuel filter in awhile, that might be a good idea. Running the tank empty may have sent debris in the bottom of the tank into the filter. Probably won't fix the ticking sound.

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Lack of power and ticking noise together, check to see if you downpipe has loosened it way from the o2 housing, though it has nothing to do with you running out of gas, it can happen, I found that one out when i put the t3 on my car. If thats not the culprit, check the turbo to manifold gasket, just take a look at it to see if there are any little missing sections, had that one happen too.

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