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Thunderbird Appreciation Day
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May 21, 2017 Mark the Date on your calendar.
If you have any questions please contact me at my email address.

International Thunderbird Club (ITC) and the other two major international Thunderbird clubs have
agreed to set aside May 21st, 2017 as “Thunderbird Appreciation Day”. On this Sunday, EVERY
Thunderbird owner is asked to bring their Thunderbird out so that everyone can enjoy these “Unique in
all the world” cars!
This does not need to be planned as a car show or be a big event. Just imagine how your Thunderbird
would have been used when it was brand new and do that. Some ideas to get your Thunderbird into the
public are:
• Coffee or donut shops
• Grocery stores
• 50’s or Retro diners
• Ice cream parlors
• Drive-in movie theatres
• Ford Dealerships
• Museums
• Picnic in a park
• Amusement park
• Zoo
• Race track
• National or State parks
• Monuments
• Local scenic sites
• Smaller airports (ones with old airplanes or a place to view the takeoffs and landings are great)
The idea is to give the folks that wouldn’t usually go to a car show an opportunity to see your
Thunderbird up close and talk to you about it and ask questions or tell stories about past Thunderbird
memories and, of course, get a picture of your really cool car!
Who knows, you may be the person that gets someone else interested in owning a Thunderbird! And
remember to get pictures and stories about what you did on ITC’s Facebook page!
Also posted on the NATO's Facebook page.
Jackie Reinhart

Pete D Offline
Good idea! Come on folks let's get our birds flying.
Pete Dunham


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