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Things to look for when buying a 2.3t coupe.
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I am going to look at a 1988 2.3t thunderbird this Thursday. I've tried searching, but I havent found any threads that pertain to this issue directly.

I know general things to check for when looking for a car, but I also know that each car is different and each car has it's own specific problems. I was wondering if there was anything specific I should look for when i go to check the car out? Any general and/or specific issues with these cars in general, any weak points with the engine, transmission, or suspension, and any general suggestions you might have for me would be greatly appreciated.

As for my plans with the car, it's going to be my dd for a while, but I definately want to modify it. I basically want a quick, halfway reliable car that I can drive around town on a regular basis, maybe with a few trips to the track here and there. My planned mods in the near future include a cat back exhaust, an intake, and maybe a few other things. I don't really plan on turnin the boost up, changing turbos, or the intercooler until I do some more research and find out exactly which direction I wanna go with the car as well as if the engine is strong enough to take it.

I talked to the owner yesterday however. It has 228,000 miles which was a little bit more than I wanted, but it will do. The owner told me he just replaced the distributer and wires, new belts (timing included if I remember correctly), and some other minor things. I don't remember him saying anything about the head gasket, but I will ask tomorrow.

The owner said it had no rust, but I won't know for sure till Thursday.

It has a manual transmission. The body's not in the greatest condition: faded paint, 1 decent size dent in the rear fender, and some other minor dings, but the body doesn't really concern me that much as long as there's no rust, I actually think it will add to the sleeper look which I love.

The guys asking 1500obo. He said it needs tires, but I work at a tire shop so that's no problem either. I know it will need a little tlc, I just want it to be sound mechanically. I know I will need to replace things here and there, I just don't want to have to rebuild an engine, atleast for now.

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I posted a list of stuff on TF for ya already.
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Here is some stuff.

For rust be sure to check the front strut towers and sub frame rails neat under the hood. Look through the topic headings in both the FAQs and the Technical Articles for ideas on things to look at.
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